Terms, Conditions, & Class Rules

By joining Sunny Dance classes, you agree to the following terms and conditions and acknowledge and agree to comply with the following safeguarding measures. By signing up to take part in classes and in being a part of our dance community, you agree to adhere to the terms bellow:



Terms & Conditions


1.The student understands and agrees that participating in any dance class, workshop, rehearsal or performance involves a possibility of physical injury. Students should inform the teacher of any pre-existing injuries before the start of class.

2.Sunny Dance does not accept liability for any injuries sustained by those participating in the classes, nor do we accept any liability for damage to personal property caused during the dance classes.

3.All students agree to use appropriate dance wear and footwear.

4.Sunny Dance does not provide refunds after the cancelation period has passed. It is up to the student to cancel on time. See cancelation policy below.


5.Students are expected to show respect for the teachers, staff, and other students at all times. If a student’s behavior towards teachers, staff or their fellow students is not deemed to be acceptable, Sunny Dance reserves the right to remove the student from the class temporarily or, in very extreme cases, permanently.


6.Intoxication of any kind during class is not acceptable and the student will be removed from class and possibly the premises promptly.


7.Recording or sharing any material from class is prohibited for the purpose of protecting the privacy of both the students, and teachers.


8.Choreography and lessons are the sole properly of Sunny Dance and can only be used in other venues with permission from Sunny Dance. If a teacher gives permission to film or record, credit must be given to the teacher/choreographer.


9.The student understands that classes can be filmed, recorded, and photographed by Sunny Dance and student releases all rights to such footage and photos for Sunny Dance to use for promotional use.

Online Classes


1. Download the ZOOM app for FREE HERE  or go to your App Store on your laptop, tablet or other device to join online classes.


2. Once you have booked the class you will receive the ‘Meeting ID and Password’ required for you to log-in and access the class within 24 hours.  


3. Students should have a safe location to dance in and use appropriate dancewear and footwear. The space should be clear of obstructions and the flooring should be appropriate for the style of dance. Sunny Dance accepts no responsibility for damage to any flooring as a result of a student’s participation in a dance class.


4. You are responsible for ensuring the space you take this online class in is suitable and safe. This includes:  ensuring the space is a sufficient size to accommodate you moving freely and the space should also be free from obstacles/dangerous items, and that you are appropriately dressed and safe to dance.


5. Anyone who may be visible during the class should always be dressed appropriately, and not interfere with the lesson.


6. Please take extra care to ensure that private or sensitive data is not shared; for example, bills, letters or emails (both physical and digital) should not be on display.

Policies & Class Rules – All Classes

1. Please be on time. Class will start promptly. If you are more than 5 minutes late you will not be permitted into the class.

2. Appropriate dance wear must be worn. See class descriptions for dress codes.

3. Have water on hand. Short water breaks will be designated.

4. Please do not leave class without the teacher’s permission.

5. Let your teacher know any and all injuries, and restrictions you might have before class starts.

6. Each teacher has their own class rules. Please fallow your instructors rules while in their classes.


7. Sunny Dance reserves the right to remove anyone from class or the premises at any time and for any reason.






Online Policies & Class Rules


1. Please log in to the class at least  5 minutes before the class is due to start so that we know you are there and so that you don’t miss the beginning, as we will be starting on time.


2. Only persons that have paid for online classes can partake in purchased classes. If anyone that did not purchase a class participates in online classes through a paid student, the paid student will be removed from class, given one warning, and if the issue persists will permanently be banned from taking online classes from Sunny Dance.

Cancelation Policy

Refunds or class credit can be given if the paid student cancels their class no later then 4 hours before the class start time.

Class credit can be given to any paid student that cancels no later then one hour before the class start time. (Online classes only).

No refund or class credit will be given to anyone that does not cancel within the stated time. 

If you are more then 5 minutes late you will not be permitted into class and you will not receive a refund or class credit.

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