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A great website for most of your dancer needs. Wide variety of clothing and supplies. Super fast shipping and great customer service!


Kristine Dimter is a seller of the popular brand, Lularoe. They have great leggings that are perfect for dance, as well as many other items for day to day use as well as in the studio.

Visit Shop Lularoe Kristine Dimterher


A website dedicated to helping dancers find auditions, get the latest dance news, take classes, and find event listings. Also good for choreographers and dance companies searching for talent.


Amaterasu Dance Co is very close to Sunny Dance's heart. Sunny Dance creator, Sunny Stoltz, is the artistic director and founder of Amaterasu. This is a contemporary dance company that reaches to the farthest edges of the word. Letting the various types of music guide the way to unique and creative movement. 


The vertitude is a pole dance and aerial arts studio based in Los Angeles California. This studio not only has great instruction in many kinds of dance styles, but it also comes with a great community, everyone, students and teachers, are very supportive. Many of their students and teachers compete at PSO.


Pole Sport Organization or PSO holds pole dancing competitions all over the world. A great organization, PSO believes in friendly competition and giving everyone a chance to perform. They have all levels from beginner to professional. Several categories including exotic, entertainment, and dramatic to name a few.


LA Unbound is a dance performance that is put on twice a year. Many different choreographers and dancers come together to put on a very diverse show with many different dance styles. Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, Bollywood, Hip Hop, musical theater, burlesque, and more! No one is paid in this show but it is a great way to perform, experiment with choreography, and especially meet dancers and choreographers for future projects. LA Unbound comes with a great community where you could find life long friends.


In Sync Dance is a wonderful dance studio located just North of Sacramento California. They have great instructors, a small town feel,

and professional instruction. It is family owned and operated. They give a lot to their community by way of their charity work through Keaton's Child Cancer Alliance, which allows the dancers and their families to participate in community charity and outreach. They offer a very non competitive and supportive studio environment while still striving for high standards of education. They offer many performing opportunities to students.

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